Developer description

Our app/online business model enables the facilitation of instant alcohol delivery. Click our function 'Bring me Beer' and your liquor arrives within the hour. Our geolocation services pinpoint the customer's position and divert the service to the nearest bottle shop. Our logisitics fleet on the ground executes the delivery.
What about licensing? As we're the facilitator, we utilize each bottle shop's license whom the delivery is executed from. We are also applying for our own liquor license to counter any bottle shops that don't have the right type of license for the service.
Under age drinking? Our app will have an integrated ID (age verification) checking system enabled by Deloitte. When a customer signs up, they'll be required to put their drivers license number into the system which will verify identity and age upon delivery.
RSA? All drivers will be required to have an RSA accreditation.

Last updated 10 Aug 2013